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needs a story, and maby better voise acting, and would be good with some funny background music

Eeek!! my mum walked in....

.... and saw the part with the cum x.x, you should of added a pawz button.
its randomly awesome, and its funny how close this is like real school.

Keep up the good ~brain dies~ awesomenetiskitriclyness ~brain returns to life~ job.

I look ford to seeing what other things you come out with.



pss. and ... OwO ~noms on cookie~ ... Rawr!!!

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Alpha-Nuva responds:

you are way too young to be watching this


... that was really well done, and i like how the music represents the
epicness of self discovery.

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its easy to survive if you know how to work the zombie horde. but I usually only survive to around 7000 points. not grate but its still better then all my friends. its a good game, this needs a sequel, one that lets the player build things and customize him self . oh and it would be grate to have sewers and mad mutant scientists that rome the streets that will follow you in to buildings and turn non zombie npc's in to zombies at a touch.

omg omg I got to level 2, my figers feel like there dead, but I GOT TO LEVEL TWO. OHH THE WONDERFULL PAIN.

@low rating givers,

lolz, it was one of his first things he bade, don't bash it just cos its bad compared to today standards.

tho even after 10 years, the game still to hard to not kill the pink guys. lolz
7/10 cos its still to hard for me, ~noms on a cookie~

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bit of a random start... but after the randomness

total bliss. your a natural song maker. after 2:19 i was in tears, it reminded of me in my cave killing humans.

ps. fire fox elementals rool
pss. you rool to

synteza responds:



"it reminded of me in my cave killing humans. "

i almost died laughing.

the romens are marching

its like hearing the martch of a totaly orgnised roman army slowly march towards a barbrean army. i like it.

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l0vemetal responds:

Age of Empires style. F'sho.

its like your reading me

in the times of dark i feel the way this song is. when i feel sad the pain over whelms me, eather makeing me feel like i regret everything i have don till that moment.... or, i feel like that the pain in my past is totaly my fult.

this song reminds me of when ........ maby i will leev it at that b4 i sadden my self with sad memorys.

i am a nice guy that loves flowers and cute lil bunnys burning in the pits of hell. i am totaly in to anime and twisted humor and i love to the deepest parts of my human sole.... furry anime. i consider my own sole to be a fire fox or a elemental of fire

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